MoSCoW Method: Prioritise Development Tasks

A key part of project management is the organisation and prioritisation of key tasks and deliverables. It is key that we understand which are the most important tasks and complete the key deliverables in a timely manner. One great way of prioritising tasks is by using the MoSCoW Method:

Must have – The critical tasks that are the main deliverable and are required for the project to be a success e.g. an e-commerce website must have a shop and most websites have a navigation.
Should have – Secondary features of a website that are not the primary deliverable e.g. an e-commerce website may also consider a blog or most websites are optimised for fast page speed and provide contact options.
Could have – Tasks that could be added depending on whether a client wants the feature e.g. social media feed, custom-coloured map.
Won’t have – Tasks that will not be complete due to a terminal issue e.g. not being technically feasible, costing too much, not having enough time etc.

DISCLAIMER – I do not condone the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. The MoSCoW method is a handy acronym and has no political affiliations. If you are looking to support Ukraine in its recovery, donations can be made and more information can be found on

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