Key Deliverables:

  • Branding and Logo Creation
  • Secure Login Web Application
  • Database-Driven Reporting Screens
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New Branding and Logo Creation

A new brand was created for Money Tree and a new logo was one main part of the new identity. The logo was created to visually represent the new digital product and would be used on the web app as well as social media and various branded merchandise.

Mood Board | Money Tree

Mood Board | Money Tree

The colour of green was selected due to the cultural association with money and personal development. The logo also features small amounts of brown, which has a cultural association with strength and reliability. Finally, completing the triadic colour palette was purple, which adds elegance due to the historical ties with royalty.

The app is primarily aimed at young adults as they statistically require the most help with their finances. The typeface of Quicksand was selected as it is youthful, playful and relates to the younger target demographic.

New Logo Design | Money Tree

New Logo Design | Money Tree

The main visual element of the logo was an illustrated money tree. The plant was selected as it has connotations of natural growth. It is also a play on words as the purpose of the app is to help users with their finances. The logo was designed by Sean Hervo.

Branded Mug Merchandise | Money Tree

Branded Mug Merchandise | Money Tree

Some branded products were created to make the conceptual digital product more immersive. The merchandise was selected to be suitable for customers tracking expenses such as branded pens, notebooks and mugs.

Web App Design

Research into potential solutions was conducted on Pinterest where suitable website examples were saved to a board for future inspiration.

The initial version of the web app was created using paper sketches to define the key screens and the content living within each screen. The paper sketches were created in digital form using Balsamiq Mockups. The wireframes were used to define the user journey of logging in, adding expenses and viewing the report screens.

Balsamiq Mockups Wireframe | Money Tree

Balsamiq Mockups Wireframe | Money Tree

The final mockup of the application was created with Adobe XD, which allowed extra elements to be added such as typography, colour, imagery, spacing and shadows. The component feature allowed the reuse of design elements such as navigation, footer, form elements and buttons, which increased the speed of the design process.

Developing the Adding Expense Screen

The website was built using PHP to create the key screens and a MySQL database was used to store various information such as expenses and categories.

The application contains personal information for its users, so the website is secured by requiring users to log in to access screens with personal information. The website sanitises the user input to prevent unauthorised access to sensitive data.

Adobe XD Mockup | Money Tree

Adobe XD Mockup | Money Tree

The action screens were designed to be a simple form for the user to quickly fill out to enter their expense information. Small changes were made to the design as a result of testing such as:

The website uses the database framework Medoo to handle any interactions with the database such as inserting, updating and deleting expenses and categories.

Developing the Monthly and Annual Report Screens

The application required the expenses to be processed and shown in two data table reports. One monthly table shows income and expenditure for one month in the style of a bank statement. The monthly report allows spending to be monitored in real-time and the remaining cash for the month can be budgeted.

Web Application Screens | Money Tree

Web Application Screens | Money Tree

The second main report in the app is the annual expenses, which was created in two formats for two scenarios. The first screen shows the expense category totals for each month of the year in the form of a table. This screen allows data-focused users to view the total income and expenditure for each category as well as the average spent each month on a specific category.

The second screen on the annual report shows the data in a chart format using the JavaScript library Chart.js. The chart view was created to allow users to identify trends and spot where savings can be made or income could be maximised.

There is a demo of Money Tree available for anybody who wants to try the app out – just send me a message on my Contact page.

End Outcomes

Following the completion of the development stage, I have used the app to add my expenses and monitor my finances more effectively. I have since noted some areas of improvement with new features that can be added such as recurring expenses i.e. rent, government taxes. This has been a good UX experience as it is identifying issues with the software and making suitable changes to improve the overall experience.

The project was another positive exercise in improving my design skills using Adobe XD to create a new brand from scratch and then apply the branding to a new application and branded merchandise. The design process was also refined with the addition of Pinterest inspiration boards and Adobe XD components.

Finally, the development of the app has greatly improved my PHP development skills by storing and processing large amounts of information and displaying it in a way that is manageable for users to understand. Creating an application that is secure and easy for the user to utilise has been a great challenge to overcome. Overall, I have gained some design and development skills and also now have a handy expenses app to use as well.

A Selection of Some of my Best Work

I have completed a variety of client projects from a diverse set of industries – as well as a few conceptual projects. Have a look over my portfolio projects and get inspired about our next project.

The White Dress Bridal

The White Dress are a Scottish bridal boutique chain that offers a wide range of dresses and gowns for bridal parties and events.

They required a website that would give them an online home and showcase their range of bridal gowns and accessories.

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The Cou Cou Corner Cocktail Bar

The Cou Cou Corner is a conceptual premium Caribbean cocktail bar based in the city centre of Edinburgh.

They provide a range of Caribbean cocktails and food in addition to live music and masterclasses. The primary target audience is white-collar workers and tourists.

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Highland Kilt Connections

Highland Kilt Connections are a highland wear chain that offer a wide range of kilt outfits for hire as well as bespoke made to measure.

They required a website that would provide a new online home for their brand and showcase their extensive range of exclusive tartans.

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Almond Valley Property Centre

Almond Valley Property Centre are a letting agency who offers residential letting and property management across West Lothian.

They required a website that would advertise the letting services they provide, along with a dynamic feed of the latest available properties.

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Caledonian Airlines UX Design

Caledonian Airlines is a UX design project that I did as part of a professional diploma course from the UX Design Institute.

The project task was to design an intuitive airline booking experience that is based on a deep understanding of target users, which provides the airline with a competitive advantage.

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I graduated from Napier University in 2016 and also have a Diploma in UX Design. My agency and freelance experience mean I can offer your company a diverse skillset covering web development, digital design and SEO.

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