Key Deliverables:

  • Branding and Logo Creation
  • Responsive WordPress Theme Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Google Data Studio Analytics Reporting
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New Branding and Logo

Company Logo | Pilot Light Plumbing and Heating

Company Logo | Pilot Light Plumbing and Heating

Pilot Light Plumbing and Heating required the creation of new branding, primarily a new logo. The new digital identity was then used in various media such as van prints, staff uniforms and magazine adverts.

Staff Uniform and Van Print | Pilot Light Plumbing and Heating

Staff Uniform and Van Print | Pilot Light Plumbing and Heating

The Pilot Light logo features a blue illustration, which represents the blue pilot light flame – I created the logo using Adobe Illustrator.

The Raleway font was selected and the font is upper case to provide branding authority and trust with the customer.

The design phase began with the creation of wireframe sketches using Balsamiq Mockups, showing the primary navigation and content structure of each page.

Wireframes and Mockup | Pilot Light Plumbing and Heating

Wireframes and Mockup | Pilot Light Plumbing and Heating

The next phase of the design was to create a mockup using Adobe XD, which shows the final imagery, colours and fonts. Roboto was used for body text as it is a sleek font that helps the user read blocks of text more easily. The colour scheme is predominantly black and white as this ensures easy readability of the text. Blue is introduced in background colours as well as button and element active states, as this ties in with the colours of the company logo and improves website branding cohesion.

The designs were showcased on Adobe XD, which allowed the client to be involved in the design process and provide feedback whenever they wanted to.

Digital assets were also created for the company’s social media so that the user has a consistent experience on the new website and updated social media account.


The services page was designed to be image-heavy and text-light, so the customer can identify a service quickly and easily, without having technical knowledge.

Services Page | Pilot Light Plumbing and Heating

Services Page | Pilot Light Plumbing and Heating

The project pages were designed in a blog-post style, which guides the customer through the process of work that was completed. This way, the customer understands the process more clearly and can gain inspiration for the work they want to be done in their property.

Home, Landlords and About Us Mobile Mockups | Pilot Light Plumbing and Heating

Home, Landlords and About Us Mobile Mockups | Pilot Light Plumbing and Heating

The website is optimised for all device types, meaning the user has a great experience on mobile, tablet and desktop. The website also makes use of an SSL security padlock, meaning it is safe and users can trust in the security of the website.

SEO and Analytics Report

I was responsible for the implementation of the on-page and technical SEO – some key considerations include mobile-friendliness and page speed optimisation. A content delivery network (CDN) was used to optimise assets and improve loading times.

Sample Analytics Report | Google Data Studio

Sample Analytics Report | Google Data Studio

Disclaimer – The analytics report shown above is a sample report that highlights the potential insights that can be obtained. Any client data is collated privately and is not shown to the wider public.

Custom events are tracked on the website using Google Tag Manager so the company can track the performance of contact enquiries such as contact forms, emails and telephone calls.

After the launch of the website, I created an analytics dashboard so that the performance of the website could be monitored. Pilot Light Plumbing and Heating have a better understanding of their customers and how they use the website. Therefore, the client can make better-informed business decisions for their online strategy.

The Results

Within six months of the launch of the new website, I was able to showcase the following results:

Increase in


Increase in


Increase in
Mobile Traffic

What the Client Said:

“We are very happy with the finished product, it was a stress-free process from start to finish. We wanted a clean, simple low-maintenance website and that’s what Declan provided.

We would work with Declan again and have no problem recommending him to other businesses.”

– Pilot Light Plumbing & Heating

A Selection of Some of my Best Work

I have completed a variety of client projects from a diverse set of industries – as well as a few conceptual projects. Have a look over my portfolio projects and get inspired about our next project.

The White Dress Bridal

The White Dress are a Scottish bridal boutique chain that offers a wide range of dresses and gowns for bridal parties and events.

They required a website that would give them an online home and showcase their range of bridal gowns and accessories.

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The Cou Cou Corner Cocktail Bar

The Cou Cou Corner is a conceptual premium Caribbean cocktail bar based in the city centre of Edinburgh.

They provide a range of Caribbean cocktails and food in addition to live music and masterclasses. The primary target audience is white-collar workers and tourists.

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Money Tree Expense Tracker App

Money Tree is a conceptual expense-tracking app that allows you to monitor your spending and budget more confidently.

The app provides reports that encourages users to budget and identify where suitable changes could be made to achieve better financial health.

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Highland Kilt Connections

Highland Kilt Connections are a highland wear chain that offer a wide range of kilt outfits for hire as well as bespoke made to measure.

They required a website that would provide a new online home for their brand and showcase their extensive range of exclusive tartans.

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Almond Valley Property Centre

Almond Valley Property Centre are a letting agency who offers residential letting and property management across West Lothian.

They required a website that would advertise the letting services they provide, along with a dynamic feed of the latest available properties.

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Front-End Developer with an Eye for Design

I am a Web Developer specialising in front-end development. My strength is turning a design mockup into a dynamic, interactive web application. I enjoy making an app fun and engaging for users, whilst having strategic business goals in mind.

I graduated from Napier University in 2016 and also have a Diploma in UX Design. My agency and freelance experience mean I can offer your company a diverse skillset covering web development, digital design and SEO.

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