Key Deliverables:

  • Bespoke Web Design & Development
  • Responsive Web Design
  • YouTube Video Integration
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New Album Promotion

The Home page was designed with a large image of the album artwork to welcome the user to the website. Conceptually, the website was produced to support the launch of the new album, so it makes sense for it to be at the forefront of the website. The full-screen album artwork was edited using Adobe Photoshop so that it blends to the bottom of the page and provides an eye-catching transition to the content below.

The album was to be sold across several different distribution methods, so links to physical and digital providers were made prominent in the design.

Music Track Listing | Royal Blood

Music Track Listing | Royal Blood

The Music page provides detail on the new album such as track listing and track length – mirroring popular streaming platforms. Where suitable, the singles tracks were linked to the relevant video to provide a more immersive experience. The new album was made the most prominent content on the page, however, prior releases were also detailed for a more comprehensive showcase of the band’s work.

Tour Dates and YouTube Video Integration

The tour dates were designed to appear in the format of a tour poster, which makes it easier for users to find a specific date within a large list of events. Following the conceptual user journey, each tour date has a link that allows the user to buy a ticket for the show from a suitable vendor. Excited fans of the band can also share their attendance at a specific show by sharing the news on social media, which builds momentum as the tour progresses.

Tour Dates | Royal Blood

Tour Dates | Royal Blood

The Videos page features integration with videos from the band’s YouTube channel. The embedded video content provides a more immersive experience for the user. It also provides the band with an opportunity to provide new or existing fans with a selection of the band’s most popular songs.

Singles Videos | Royal Blood

Singles Videos | Royal Blood

Responsive Web Design

The website was developed using the responsive web design methodology, which ensures the users have an optimised experience on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. CSS media queries were used to ensure the content fits the size of the device and image assets were compressed so they load quickly on a mobile 3G network.

Mobile Album Artwork | Royal Blood

Mobile Album Artwork | Royal Blood

Custom images of the album artwork were created using Adobe Photoshop, which ensures that customers have an enhanced experience on mobile. This is particularly important as web content is becoming predominantly used on mobile devices.

End Outcomes

Overall, I was able to create a modern, responsive website using high-quality industry promotional materials. It was a great experience putting together various types of content such as album artwork, tour listings and music videos into a single, cohesive web experience that would deliver results for a major commercial client.

No financial gain was made as a result of creating this conceptual project.  If you have any potential legal enquiries, please get in touch via my contact page.

A Selection of Some of my Best Work

I have completed a variety of client projects from a diverse set of industries – as well as a few conceptual projects. Have a look over my portfolio projects and get inspired about our next project.

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The Cou Cou Corner Cocktail Bar

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Money Tree Expense Tracker App

Money Tree is a conceptual expense-tracking app that allows you to monitor your spending and budget more confidently.

The app provides reports that encourages users to budget and identify where suitable changes could be made to achieve better financial health.

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Highland Kilt Connections

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They required a website that would provide a new online home for their brand and showcase their extensive range of exclusive tartans.

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Almond Valley Property Centre

Almond Valley Property Centre are a letting agency who offers residential letting and property management across West Lothian.

They required a website that would advertise the letting services they provide, along with a dynamic feed of the latest available properties.

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